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Assisted Living Info

Check out this guide to assisted living in Idaho. It discusses paying for assisted living and eligibility requirements. It also has free resources for seniors and their families.
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Monthly Food Boxes for Seniors

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) provides nutritious food to seniors in need over the age of 60 on a monthly basis. If you quality for food stamps, or energy assistance, then you qualify for this program. You DO NOT lose your eligibility for food stamps by participating in this program.
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Have you tried a “Telehealth” doctor visit, or “Respite Care” as a “Caregiver” for an aging loved one at the Daybreak Center?

In the past year, many needs have changed and we believe this is a critical time to 'hear' from our seniors and caregivers on their unique needs. Well we are learning what our community needs to be healthier. New health benefits are available for Veterans and many others!

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