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Our deepest gratitude to our major supporters!  To learn more about our supporters, click on the icons and it will take you to their websites.


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Thanks to Tina Friedman and Rod Barcklay for their wonderful gifts for our lunch  participants!







January, 2016

Thank you all so much for giving monthly, yearly and spontaneously to help us keep our doors open!


Allen, Nettie
Anderson, Lynne L.
Bates, Anna
Blood, Barbara
Bourassa, Judith & Arthur
Campbell, John
Casey, Bart & Anne Marie
Colin, Betty & Kenneth
Deering, Yvonne
Dillon, Marilyn
Ewing, Darrell
Haag, Mary Jo
Hern, Kelli
Hinrichs, “Vegas”
Kluver, Al
Luther, Marge
Marshall, Leslie
Martin, Adele
May, Ron
McNeil, Joan 
Melia, Linda & Tom
Michael, Loris & Dick
Overland, Betty & Harold
Payne, Myrna
Peters, Jackie & Tom
Peterson, Donna
Pine, Anita
Pierce, Norma
Raynor, Linda & Roy
Reed, Frances
Reynolds, Elara
Ross, Virginia
Sacht, Sally
Sadewic, Almira
Schoonover, Anita
Thompson, Lois
Vetter, Janet
Volpe, Arlene
Warren, John
Wendle, Bruce
Barbara & Robert Wynhausen

Parking Lot Donations:

Gayla Babcock
Sharon Bass
William & Anita Bruce
Sylvia Chatburn
Jonathan & Joanne Cottrell
Jack and Janice DeBaun
Natalie Ednie
Cindy Elliott
Gardenia Center
Nellie Gilbertson
Roger Hanlon
Mary McGinnis
Jane McNulty
Stephen & Julie Meyer
Betty & Harold Overland
Jackie & Tom Peters
Anita Pine
Suzanne Quevedo
Sally Sacht
Lea Sammons
Lori Stengel
Patricia Stevens
Janet Vetter
Robert Wynhausen


We also wish to thank the following folks for being generous donors to SASi:

Ambrosiani Family Trust
Anita Pine
Betty and Kenneth Colin
Bill D’Olier & Susan Dalby
Debra Moy & Steven Hein
Donna & Robert Cope
Donna Mae & Robert Venn
Eichardt’s Pub
First Presbyterian Church
Frances Jo & Richard Power
Heather Hellier & Alan Barber
Injectors Car Club
Ida & William Baird
Joanne & Jonathan Cottrell
Joyce & Larry Anderson
Leslie Marshall
Mountain Sky
Northern Lights
Pamela & Richard Forcier
Pend d’Oreille Winery
R.D. & P.T Thurston
Ruth Wimberly
The “Bunko Group”   
  Sally Transue, Carolyn Gleason, Jennifer Leedy, Julie Larkin,
Barb Merritt, Sue Austin &  Marsinah Runge
Thunder’s Catch
Washington Trust
Wells Fargo
Winter Ridge

May, 2015

We have been blessed with donations and grants from the community!  Our gratitude goes to Walmart for a large grant for our food program!  Also to CAL for helping with furniture and more in the Senior and DayBreak Centers. The Selkirk Realtors, Gardenia Center, Ambrosiani Family Trust, Adam Weissman Foundation and Idaho Community Foundation have also given us funding!  We are so grateful for all of the community support!!

We also have individuals who give through the $5/Month Club and advertise in our newsletter and walk in off the street to help with the parking lot and other programs.  Thank you so much!

Your help makes it possible to feed hundreds of folks in Bonner County and provide respite for caregivers of family members with Alzheimer's.  Come on down to SASi and join in the fun!


December, 2014

Once again, we were fortunate to have members from CAL (Community Action League) donate Christmas gifts for our HDM (Home Delivered Meals) participants. These are the people who have food delivered to them by our loyal volunteer drivers.  Before the holidays, CAL sends out a gift request sheet for them to fill out with several items they might enjoy as gifts.  Prior to Christmas, the gifts arrive in beautifully wrapped boxes and bags for the drivers to deliver to each one.  This has become a lovely tradition that helps those in our community who cannot otherwise get out to get food or other necessities. Many thanks to Patty Bowman, Sherry Fulton, and Mary Daubersmith and delightful 8 1/2 year old Tegan Bowman, plus the others who so generously   donated their time to make this a happy time for them.



smaller gifts 



We had additional gifts for our “lunch bunch” from a local group of friends who get together monthly to “do good for others.”  Thanks you go to Tina Friedman, Rod Barcklay, (in photo) and Deborah Dickerson, Cynthia Bissonnette, and Bill Moss.  The baskets were a big hit as we had surprise drawings for gifts for women and men.  Thank You!

Tina & Rod, smaller

Thanks to Tina Friedman and Rod Barcklay for their wonderful gifts for our lunch participants!